Corn gluten feed

TS 10.62.20-137-00334735-2017

Packing / Sacking

Gluten is produced as loose powder and packed in two types of packaging:
Craft Bags (25 kg)
Big Bags (900 kg)

Corn gluten is the high-calorie protein source. It contains up to 62% of protein (dry mass) and holds second place among vegetable and animal fats by its caloric value. This is why gluten is a valuable component of food products, feed stuff, and protein-and-vitamin additives. 


  • Corn gluten contains methionine and cystine. The high content of these amino acids makes gluten an essential nutrition part of agricultural livestock.

  • Gluten is a source of proteins and highly digestible fibers and other valuable nutritions: phosphorus, potassium and minerals.

  • Due to high content of carotenoids and natural pigment, phylloxanthin, yolks of birds whose nutrition contains corn gluten, feature intense color, and the cover of bird body becomes gold yellow.

We offer

  • Up-to-date production on the most advanced equipment, following the best world practices; the quality is regularly asserted.

  • Shipping without any queues or delays: With our modernized car fleet and a dedicated railroad track, we can deliver our finished products without interruptions.

  • Reliable all-year-round supplies of gluten with inhouse quality control center which includes toxicology and raw materials control laboratories located directly on the plant.

  • Quality control in the in-house analytical center which includes toxicology and raw-stuff laboratories located directly on the plant. 


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