Native Corn Starch

GOST 32159-2013

Packing / Sacking

25-kg craft bags
650 kg / 1000 kg / 1375 kg Big Bags


The plant produces GMO-free native corn starch as per GOST 32159-2013 with improved quality parameters. Application of our native corn starch:

  • Pulp and paper and corrugated cardboard production.

  • Processing and food industries.

Starch is also used in glues, glutinous coatings, foams, fillers, flocculants, plastics, viscosity modifiers.

GMO-free native starch in food industry

  • The best thickening agent due to its viscosity.

  • Can be used as a filler.

  • Can be used as a binding agent in food products.

  • With its moisture absorption and locking capability, starch is used as a stabilizing agent.


  • Raw stuff accessibility and environment friendliness.

  • Low cost of products.

  • High-speed corrugator.

  • Prepared glue several-day stability.

  • Good mechanical and operational characteristics of finished products.

  • Low starch consumption for reaching the best quality of corrugated cardboard glueing.

Benefits of cooperation with us

  • Stable quality properties of the GMO-free native starch.

  • Quality control.

  • Quality control on all stages of production by our certified laboratory.

  • Continuous control of parameters determining starch rheology which ensures stable properties of the starch glue for corrugated cardboard production.

  • Technical support by specialized professionals.

  • State-of-the-art technology solutions for starch production (equipment of European origin).

  • Numerous decades of experience in starch production.

We offer

  • Wide range of starch product assortment.

  • Fast product delivery: by truck, railway, and marine transport.

  • Various types of packing according to customer’s requests and recommendations.

  • Starch dosing according to customer’s quality characteristics.

  • Services for modification, adjustment, and preparation of glue formulation on the customer’s site.

  • Special offers for standing customers.     


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