Wet Milling Corn Germ

TS 10.62.20-137-00334735-2017

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The corn germ is a valuable part of corn grain (8-14% by weight) containing about 86% of all the fat of the grain. 

RUSTARK produces corn nucleus for the food and cattle breeding industries using the wet method. The oil content of the substance reaches 45%.


  • High fat content makes corn germ genuine feedstock for food grade corn oil production as well as nutritious component of animal feed production.

  • The nucleus is also used in feed stuff production. The product is rich in vitamin E (tocopherol) and contains a large amount of essential amino acids; also, the germ fat contains non-saturated fat acids (linoleic - 56%, oleic - 30%, linoleic - 0.7%) and 14% of saturated ones.

  • The protein part of the germ contains around 37% of globulins, 51% glutolin, 5% zein, and 7% of insoluble fats.

We offer

  • Up-to-date production on the most advanced equipment, following the best world practices; the quality is regularly asserted.

  • Shipping without any queues or delays: With our modernized car fleet and a dedicated railroad track, we can deliver our finished products without interruptions.

  • Quality control in the in-house center which includes toxicology and raw-stuff laboratories located directly on the plant.


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