Starch Syrup

GOST 33917-2016

Packing / Sacking

Plastic containers, 30 kg (disposable bucket);

Metal barrels, 280 kg (with PE insert);

In bulk 20,000 kg (syrup tank carriers).

The syrup is widely used in food industry. It is included in a wide majority of bakeries and pastry recipes, ice cream, sweets, marmalades, and jams. Also, syrup is used in producing alcohol-free beverages and in beer brewing.  

Product Range

  • Caramel Syrups: increases elasticity and gloss adding viscosity and organoleptic parameters, has optimal viscosity. It can be used as a sweetener, anticrystallizer in confectionery. It does not alter smell or taste, unlike sugar.

  • Low DE Syrup is used as an anticrystallizer, sweetness adjuster, combining, or foaming agent. Low glucose content makes it possible to decrease the absorbability of confectionery and prolong its shelf life.

  • High DE Syrup has high sweetness, absorbability, fermentability, binding and anticrystallizing ability.


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