Corn Gluten Feed Pellets

TS 10.62.20-137-00334735-2017

Packing / Sacking

In bulk
BIG-BAG 1000 kg, granulated feed stuff

The corn gluten feed is a protein rich fiber by-product of corn wet milling process.

The corn gluten feed has high nutritional values for all types of cattle. It is used as a component of feed for poultry, pigs, cattle and replaces feed grain, cake, and oil cake in poultry nutrition. It is widely used in pig breeding as well/ According to experts, corn gluten feed-stuff usage saves up to 10% of grain.

The gluten feed-stuff replaces feed grain, cake, and oil cake in poultry nutrition. The contents of corn feed-stuff may include up to 20% of wheat bran, to increase the amino acid content (lysine, in particular). 


  • The corn feed-stuff is a perfect source of proteins, energy, and essential fibers. It has good taste qualities, is rich in minerals, phosphorus and calcium, in the first place.

  • It can replace corn, barley, and feed wheat for feeding poultry, pigs, and cattle.

  • It increases the profitability of eggs, meat, and dairy.

  • The corn gluten feed-stuff has a stable sanitary-controlled contents.

We offer

  • All-year-round production, which makes it possible to maintain feed stability without purchasing a large lot of the feed at once.

  • Modernized production on the up-to-date equipment combined with the world’s best practices means regularly confirmed highest-quality products.

  • Quality control in the in-house center which includes toxicology and raw-stuff laboratories located directly on the plant.

  • Own car fleet and a dedicated railroad track.


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